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Full Moon with Halo

Did a quick “for fun” self portrait showing a view of the halo we saw forming around the full moon.  The abnormally cold evening must of provided the impetus behind the ice crystals in the atmosphere that’s needed to create this kind of halo effect. This image was taken during a quick night shoot at
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Barnegat Lighthouse at Night

The full moon and some fast moving clouds provided us a nicely lit backdrop to the Barnegat Lighthouse in NJ.  Even though we missed the golden hour, we decided to do a quick night shot at the lighthouse anyway just to see how the area looks.  The night sky ended up looking very colorful.  The
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NJ Wild vs. Hoboken Rockets

Grace took some photos of our last game of the 2013/14 Winter season at the Ice House in Hackensack, NJ.  We lost 4-3 but it was a good, hard skate and hopefully we’ll meet up with them again in the playoffs. Slideshow highlights at the bottom.  The rest of the images (55 total) can be
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Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard

On the ride home from Montauk we stopped at the Arthur Kill in Staten Island.  There is a hidden area there with hundreds of old and decomposing vessels all rumored to be part of a ship graveyard.  The noon sun was too harsh for the right lighting, but with the help of HDR, I was
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Starfield at Montauk Point

A clear and crisp winter night allowed for a nice opportunity to grab some star shots.  Too bad that by the time we had set up and started shooting, the Milky Way was already setting over the horizon and into the light pollution.  Jupiter can be seen in this image (bright ‘star’ above the house)

Montauk Lighthouse Sunrise

Took this image of the Montauk Lighthouse meeting the sunrise at Montauk Point in Long Island.  The cloudless sky did not make for a very impressive sunrise display.

Montauk Lighthouse Pre-Dawn

A pre-sunrise image of the Montauk Lighthouse in Montauk Point on a cold, cloudless morning.  This is a 25 second exposure taken from down at the waterline.

Montauk Lighthouse and Venus in Pre-Dawn Sky

Arrived about an hour before sunrise at Montauk Point in Long Island and was able to capture this image of Venus rising above the lighthouse.  Quite a few stars were still visible in the blue hour sky.


Found this dark room full of file cabinets in the basement of an abandoned building we were exploring.  It had paperwork strewn all over the floor.  The papers and the mirror looked like interesting centerpieces in the foreground, so I took some photos.  Room was very dark but with the help of longer exposures, and
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Chair in a Stairwell

At the basement level of a stairwell in an old abandoned building, we found this chair sitting in the middle of the light that filtered down from above.  It provided the centerpiece to a strange, yet quite colorful scene.  Decided not to de-saturate the colors because they seemed to make a positive impact on this
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Exit Doors

After spending more than an hour in the creepy darkness of an abandoned building, sun light peeking through these exit doors provided a very welcome sight.

Two Chairs

Did some exploration in some abandoned buildings located up north along the Palisades.  Mid-day sun was really too harsh for outdoor photography but helped provide some lighting to the interiors of these creepy buildings.  Found these two chairs sitting in a dark hallway with sun light from a window just barely lighting them up.  HDR
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Snowing at Nubble Lighthouse

Snow started falling around noon near the Nubble Lighthouse in Ogunquit, ME.  Was able to grab this image as we drove through on our way back to New Jersey.  Used a flash to try and light up some falling snow.

Portland Head Light Long Exposure

Took an 84 second exposure of the Portland Head Light from down below in the little cove.  Image was taken about an hour after sunrise as the clouds moved in and it became overcast.  Used a 10-stopper.

Portland Head Sunrise

Went on a quick one-day trip to Portland during a break in some recent snow storms, and grabbed this image of a sunrise at the Portland Head Light in Portland, ME.

DPReview – “Daytime Outdoor… 15 Seconds” Challenge

Entered this image of the Portland Head Light into the “Day-time outdoors scene through any ND filter with a minimum exposure of 15 seconds” challenge on DPReview.  It’s a 60 second exposure taken mid-morning from the observation area.

Tarrytown Lighthouse

A closeup of the Tarrytown Lighthouse in Tarrytown, NY.   Looks like it is in need of repairs.  Added some HDR Tone mapping to try and bring out the details.  De-saturated the colors to try and create a darker mood.

More Ice Flow

Flowing ice on the Hudson River gives a nice display of the current.  This is an 85 second exposure using a 10-stop ND.  Image shows the Tappan Zee Bridge off in the distance.

DPReview – “Best Photo Challenge – Macro”

Entered the “My Best Photo Challenge #1: Macrophotography” on DPReview, with an image taken in 2012.  A focus-stacked image of an Ant, using a JML 21mm lens attached to my 40D.

Ice Flow on the Hudson

Long exposure image of moving ice near the Tarrytown Lighthouse on the Hudson River in New York.  Used a 10-stop filter to get exposures as long as 200 seconds.  This one was around 60 seconds long.

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