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Decaying Trees

A set of decaying trees located in the Manasquan Reserve in NJ, just after a small snow storm.

Casino Building in Asbury Park

Grabbed this image of the old and abandoned Casino building, located on the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ., during a recent snow storm.  Applied some HDR techniques to try and bring out more details.

DPReview – “I work Outdoors” Challenge

Entered this image of a pedicab driver, taken in Manhattan during a small photoshoot with Grace and Greg on Jan. 25th, into the “I work Outdoor” challenge on DPReview.

Timelapse – 1st attempt

Took about 157 timelapsed images of the sun setting behind the Tarrytown Lighthouse in New York.  One shot every 30 seconds over about 1.5 hours only provided enough footage for about a 4 second clip.  I slowed the video down to 15 FPS, resulting in a longer but choppier clip.   Some lessons learned:  Shoot
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DPReview – “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge

Submitted this photo of the Tarrytown Lighthouse into the latest “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge on DPReview.  Took the image on a re-visit to Tarrytown with Grace and Greg.  The Hudson River was frozen and the sunset was perfect.

Decaying Stairs

Found this old and abandoned staircase in Tarrytown.  Thought it would make an interesting image with HDR tone-mapping applied.

Tarrytown Lighthouse

Good timing at Tarrytown, NY with Greg and Grace.  The Hudson River was frozen and the sunset was spectacular.  Only had time to scratch the surface there and need to re-visit for more chances at the other locations.

Nobska Point Lighthouse

Sunset at Nobska Point, Massachusetts.  Thick and heavy cloud cover rolled in, but still the sun managed to peek through just before disappearing over the horizon. Nobska Point Lighthouse

Rockport Harbor

A fisherman leaves for work on a very cold December morning in Rockport, Massachusetts.  Image has some de-saturation applied to it.

Frozen Marshland

Saw this scene along the roadside while driving through Massachusetts during the holidays.  The image was taken just after sunrise with some HDR effects added in post processing.


A homeless man without shelter from the elements.  Temperature was hovering around 20 degrees.  This image was taken near Central park during a small photo shoot with Grace and Greg on Saturday, 1/25.

Central Park Pond

A slightly de-saturated photo of the small bridge spanning the Central Park Pond.  This image was taken during a small photo shoot with Grace and Greg on Saturday, 1/25.  Snow was just starting to fall.

DPReview – Lost in the Rat Race Challenge

Just entered the “Lost in the Rat Race” challenge on DPReview.  Used one of my images from a little photo shoot last Saturday with Grace and Greg.  The weather was bad but it helped set up some nice people shots. Update 2/5/14:  Withdrawn due to confusion over the challenge description between contestants and host.  Re-entered
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DPReview – Blue Hour Cityscape Challenge

Just entered the “Blue Hour Cityscape Challenge” on DPReview.  Entered one of my long exposure photos taken from the Manhattan Bridge in December.

Marblehead Lighthouse

This is a long exposure image of Marblehead Lighthouse in Marblehead Neck, MA. Used a 10-stop filter to try and get some smoothness in the sky and water.

Little Cove in Rockport, MA

Nice little cove near Rockport, MA.  Photo was taken late afternoon.  Some HDR effects added in post-processing.    

Old Scituate Portrait

Photo of Old Scituate Lighthouse up close and personal.  HDR effects added to enhance texture on the rocks and lighthouse.

Old Scituate Lighthouse

Sunset photo of the Old Scituate Lighthouse using a 10-stop filter to get the long exposure smoothness.

Docks in Rockport Harbor

A view of a harbor in Rockport, MA.

Clouds at Ned’s Point

Some amazing clouds showed up around sunset at Ned’s Point, MA.  Fast moving with lots of little breaks allowing the suns rays to peek through.

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