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Paul and Michelle’s Photo Shoot in Brooklyn

Michelle and Paul just recently got engaged and wanted some photos to mark the occasion.  So Igor and I got volunteered to try and be creative.  Luckily Igor has some experience in lighting and poses. We had a great sunset and used a single off-camera flash for most of these shots.  Didn’t have a chance
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Photographer at Sunset in Beavertail State park

This is an image of Zamen taken near the Beavertail Lighthouse just after sunset.  He was up on cliff and almost silhouetted against the colorful sunset. This image may be over-saturated but I still don’t think the colors give justice to the actual view that evening.

Empty Sky Memorial – Liberty State Park, NJ

As the sun set behind the Empty Sky Memorial, it created an amazing ring shaped reflection inside the granite pathway.  I used a 10-stop filter to try and lengthen the shutter speed, making the visitors appear ghostly in their movements.  If someone stood still, however, they would appear sharper in silhouette.

Full Moon with Halo

Did a quick “for fun” self portrait showing a view of the halo we saw forming around the full moon.  The abnormally cold evening must of provided the impetus behind the ice crystals in the atmosphere that’s needed to create this kind of halo effect. This image was taken during a quick night shoot at
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DPReview – “I work Outdoors” Challenge

Entered this image of a pedicab driver, taken in Manhattan during a small photoshoot with Grace and Greg on Jan. 25th, into the “I work Outdoor” challenge on DPReview.


A homeless man without shelter from the elements.  Temperature was hovering around 20 degrees.  This image was taken near Central park during a small photo shoot with Grace and Greg on Saturday, 1/25.

DPReview – Lost in the Rat Race Challenge

Just entered the “Lost in the Rat Race” challenge on DPReview.  Used one of my images from a little photo shoot last Saturday with Grace and Greg.  The weather was bad but it helped set up some nice people shots. Update 2/5/14:  Withdrawn due to confusion over the challenge description between contestants and host.  Re-entered
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People Sample Gallery


Some of my favorite People shots.  Mostly street photography in New York City

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