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DPReview – “Daytime Outdoor… 15 Seconds” Challenge

Entered this image of the Portland Head Light into the “Day-time outdoors scene through any ND filter with a minimum exposure of 15 seconds” challenge on DPReview.  It’s a 60 second exposure taken mid-morning from the observation area.

DPReview – “Best Photo Challenge – Macro”

Entered the “My Best Photo Challenge #1: Macrophotography” on DPReview, with an image taken in 2012.  A focus-stacked image of an Ant, using a JML 21mm lens attached to my 40D.

DPReview – “I work Outdoors” Challenge

Entered this image of a pedicab driver, taken in Manhattan during a small photoshoot with Grace and Greg on Jan. 25th, into the “I work Outdoor” challenge on DPReview.

DPReview – “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge

Submitted this photo of the Tarrytown Lighthouse into the latest “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge on DPReview.  Took the image on a re-visit to Tarrytown with Grace and Greg.  The Hudson River was frozen and the sunset was perfect.

DPReview – Lost in the Rat Race Challenge

Just entered the “Lost in the Rat Race” challenge on DPReview.  Used one of my images from a little photo shoot last Saturday with Grace and Greg.  The weather was bad but it helped set up some nice people shots. Update 2/5/14:  Withdrawn due to confusion over the challenge description between contestants and host.  Re-entered
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DPReview – Blue Hour Cityscape Challenge

Just entered the “Blue Hour Cityscape Challenge” on DPReview.  Entered one of my long exposure photos taken from the Manhattan Bridge in December.

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