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Nobska Point Lighthouse

Sunset at Nobska Point, Massachusetts.  Thick and heavy cloud cover rolled in, but still the sun managed to peek through just before disappearing over the horizon. Nobska Point Lighthouse

Rockport Harbor

A fisherman leaves for work on a very cold December morning in Rockport, Massachusetts.  Image has some de-saturation applied to it.

Frozen Marshland

Saw this scene along the roadside while driving through Massachusetts during the holidays.  The image was taken just after sunrise with some HDR effects added in post processing.

Marblehead Lighthouse

This is a long exposure image of Marblehead Lighthouse in Marblehead Neck, MA. Used a 10-stop filter to try and get some smoothness in the sky and water.

Little Cove in Rockport, MA

Nice little cove near Rockport, MA.  Photo was taken late afternoon.  Some HDR effects added in post-processing.    

Old Scituate Portrait

Photo of Old Scituate Lighthouse up close and personal.  HDR effects added to enhance texture on the rocks and lighthouse.

Old Scituate Lighthouse

Sunset photo of the Old Scituate Lighthouse using a 10-stop filter to get the long exposure smoothness.

Docks in Rockport Harbor

A view of a harbor in Rockport, MA.

Clouds at Ned’s Point

Some amazing clouds showed up around sunset at Ned’s Point, MA.  Fast moving with lots of little breaks allowing the suns rays to peek through.

Wall Decorations

Looks like some old lobster trap buoys hung on a wall for decoration.  This building was right on the harbor in Rockport, MA.  

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