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Portland Head Light Sepia

Close up of the Portland head Light about 30 minutes before sunrise.  Post-processed with sepia tones.

Cloudy Morning at Portland Head

Four image, long exposure panorama of the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, ME.  Cloudy weather ruined the sunrise but set up a moody shot:    

Portland Head Stormy Weather

No sunrise because of bad weather but waves were bigger than usual:

Portland Head Light Long Exposure

Took an 84 second exposure of the Portland Head Light from down below in the little cove.  Image was taken about an hour after sunrise as the clouds moved in and it became overcast.  Used a 10-stopper.

Portland Head Sunrise

Went on a quick one-day trip to Portland during a break in some recent snow storms, and grabbed this image of a sunrise at the Portland Head Light in Portland, ME.

DPReview – “Daytime Outdoor… 15 Seconds” Challenge

Entered this image of the Portland Head Light into the “Day-time outdoors scene through any ND filter with a minimum exposure of 15 seconds” challenge on DPReview.  It’s a 60 second exposure taken mid-morning from the observation area.

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