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Beavertail Lighthouse Panorama

Arrived early hoping for a sunset shot but the clouds were too thick over head.  This is a five-shot panorama view of the lighthouse:

Beavertail Lighthouse at Sunrise

Another long exposure image of the Beavertail Lighthouse taken just after sunrise at the Beavertail State park in Rhode Island. Used a 10-stop neutral density filter to help achieve this 60 sec exposure.

Beavertail Lighthouse at Dawn

This is a low angle view of the Beavertail Lighthouse taken just before sunrise at Beavertail State park in Rhode Island.  Used a mini-tripod and a 10-stop neutral density filter to help achieve the low angle and the 158 second exposure.

Long Exposure of Castle Hill Lighthouse

This is a two minute exposure of the Castle Hill Lighthouse at sunset.  Used a 10-stop neutral density filter and blended two exposures to achieve this effect. The lighthouse is located behind the Castle Hill Inn in Rhode island.

Castle Hill Lighthouse at Dusk

This is another sepia-toned version of the Castle Hill Lighthouse.  It’s a long exposure image taken at dusk, and I left the beacon at it’s natural red color.  

Sunset at Castle Hill Lighthouse

Took a one-night road trip to Rhode Island to try and attempt some sunset/sunrise images of two lighthouses there.  The weather ended up providing us with some decent clouds. This is the Castle Hill Lighthouse located behind the Castle Hill Inn in Rhode Island.  The image is a long exposure processed in sepia tones.

Alien Landscape at Point Judith

Something about this image made me think it looked like an alien landscape.  Post-processed the sky separately from the foreground before bringing them both together again.  Its a 20 second exposure at 3200 ISO. Point Judith Lighthouse can be seen on the horizon.

Point Judith Lighthouse and Milky Way

This is a panorama attempt at capturing the Milky Way over the Point Judith Lighthouse.  Found out later in post-processing, that the 14 mm lens introduced too much distortion to easily stitch the panorama together.  And I could never quite straighten out the horizon to my liking.  I should have remembered that i ran into
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Milky Way at Point Judith, RI

The mostly clear skies during our trip up to Massachusetts for the AT&T Hockey Tournament, didn’t help with golden hour photography, but did provide an opportunity to try some more Milky Way images. We had to endure some very early mornings at Point Judith, RI, to make the attempts.  The light pollution was still pretty
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Photographer at Sunset in Beavertail State park

This is an image of Zamen taken near the Beavertail Lighthouse just after sunset.  He was up on cliff and almost silhouetted against the colorful sunset. This image may be over-saturated but I still don’t think the colors give justice to the actual view that evening.

Beavertail Lighthouse in Rhode Island

This is a sunset image, taken with a 10-stop filter, of the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI.  We were up there during an AT&T hockey tournament near Boston, and decided to stay a few extra days for some photography. The rainy weather provided some nice cloud cover for the sunset.  This image is a 61
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DPReview – Best Photo of the Week Challenge

Entered this image of the Beavertail Lighthouse into the “Best Photo of the Week” Challenge on DPReview.  This 111 second exposure was taken during some rainy weather with a 10-stop filter.  Sepia tones added in post. The challenge can be found here.

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