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Tarrytown Lighthouse

A closeup of the Tarrytown Lighthouse in Tarrytown, NY.   Looks like it is in need of repairs.  Added some HDR Tone mapping to try and bring out the details.  De-saturated the colors to try and create a darker mood.

More Ice Flow

Flowing ice on the Hudson River gives a nice display of the current.  This is an 85 second exposure using a 10-stop ND.  Image shows the Tappan Zee Bridge off in the distance.

Ice Flow on the Hudson

Long exposure image of moving ice near the Tarrytown Lighthouse on the Hudson River in New York.  Used a 10-stop filter to get exposures as long as 200 seconds.  This one was around 60 seconds long.

Timelapse – 1st attempt

Took about 157 timelapsed images of the sun setting behind the Tarrytown Lighthouse in New York.  One shot every 30 seconds over about 1.5 hours only provided enough footage for about a 4 second clip.  I slowed the video down to 15 FPS, resulting in a longer but choppier clip.   Some lessons learned:  Shoot
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DPReview – “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge

Submitted this photo of the Tarrytown Lighthouse into the latest “My Best Photo of the Week” challenge on DPReview.  Took the image on a re-visit to Tarrytown with Grace and Greg.  The Hudson River was frozen and the sunset was perfect.

Decaying Stairs

Found this old and abandoned staircase in Tarrytown.  Thought it would make an interesting image with HDR tone-mapping applied.

Tarrytown Lighthouse

Good timing at Tarrytown, NY with Greg and Grace.  The Hudson River was frozen and the sunset was spectacular.  Only had time to scratch the surface there and need to re-visit for more chances at the other locations.

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